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    Hello All!

    Helping my finance’ set up her site at:

    Having a problem with the featured image.

    She can select a featured image fine. The featured image will appear within the Blog Page … it will also appear fine in the Genesis Featured Post Widget. However, if you follow the link to the Individual blog entry … the Featured Image is gone.

    When she shares her blogs on Facebook … her wall will not find it either.

    We Appreciate the support anyone can offer.

    ~Gary and Talesha



    Does the blog post itself contain at least one image within it? She can upload images to blog posts via the media uploader.

    Specifying a featured image doesn’t make it automatically appear in a blog post entry (although I’m not familiar with the Mompreneur theme).

    Either way, Facebook tries to find several images included on a web page and serve them up as possible thumbnails…it doesn’t necessarily rely on the featured image.




    I am assuming when you mention sharing to Facebook, you are using the actual URL of the post. If that is the case, that’s why it’s not working. From my experience with Facebook – if you add the SHARE BUTTONS and you click Facebook to Share the blog – it will pick up the thumbnail. But if you just take the link and place it in a status on FB, it will not pick up the thumbnail. Most people are accustomed to clicking the Share button.

    I would suggest using the “Easy Facebook Share Thumbnail” – It will help to push the thumbnail out to Facebook as FB is what drives inputting the image. There is also an area to place a default thumbnail should the share not find an image in a post.



    ModernMuse and anitac, Thank you for your time.

    In order for her to have an image appear in the Featured Blog Widget … she has to have selected a Selected Featured Image in her post.

    In order to have an image appear in the blog’s  own  URL page it has to be inserted inside the post.

    But if we do that, on the Blog Page, both the featured blog image and the image contained inside the post appear. In our case, we get two of the same image showing.

    We’d like to both select a featured image, so the Featured Blog Widget finds it, and have it appear in the post … so it looks good and Facebook finds it. But without, the Blog Page showing two of the same image.

    I hope I said this in an understandable way. :)




    The theme developer – Pretty Darn Cute, has it’s own support. I would suggest you review the set up page for the theme – and also use their contact to get assistance with this – Put in a ticket.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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