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    I really miss the forums being split into individual child themes. It was much easier to find things directly related to that theme.


    Here’s my issue. I’m using the Streamline 2.0 theme, which includes three feature boxes on the home page. The instructions say that on the page you are featuring, include the More tag

    <code>< !–more– ></code>

    where you want it to cut off. I do that on the page being featured and the feature box still shows the entire post instead of cutting off one sentence in and displaying the Read More box. In fact, the feature box even displays the More tag as “text”. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



    OK, after working with this issue for HOURS today, I think I got it solved (the tutorial directions need to be a bit more clear).

    Because you are editing a page (as specified in the tutorial), you cannot copy/paste or write in the More Tag command yourself. It won’t be recognized. While in VISUAL mode, you need to select the Insert More Tag ICON (next to the spell check icon) or use Alt-Shift-T.

    Follow the rest of the instructions as given for the Streamline 2.0 tutorial ( ) and you’ll be good to go. This works much better than trying to adjust the character count. Also, be sure to do a one line return (shift then Return) after the excerpt you want to use (and before the More Tag) so that the Read More button is on its own line. It will look much cleaner that way.



    I’m glad you were able to resolve your issue. I’ll close this thread as “resolved”.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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