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    I’ve just re-launched my girlfriend’s music lessons site using the Adorable theme. It was more than just a design change; we were looking to present a whole new feel. We wanted it to feel fun and inviting and I think Adorable was the perfect theme for it.

    We did make some substantial changes but overall we kept most of the look. I’d love feedback on it, especially in comparison to sites from other music teachers / music schools.

    Thanks for any comments/criticisms/etc. you can offer!


    Cute use of the Adorable theme.

    I would maybe suggest adding a drop down to the main navigation to get rid of the sub navigation.

    Overall I think it looks really fun!



    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for taking the time to look at the site. I was wondering what you didn’t like about the sub-navigation? I actually feel like the theme feels a bit naked without the secondary navigation (it is possible to turn it off).

    I also felt like having the links out in the open makes it easier for users to see all the options and (secondarily) that a drop down might not be followed as readily/favorably by search engines.

    I’m very interested in your thoughts on both the visual and usability aspects.

    Thanks again!



    I completely agree with everything that you said, I am not really a huge fan of drop down menus or anything myself.

    I just suggested it because I was a little overwhelmed with all the Navigation Bar options & the content when I first got on the site, a drop down menu would just simplify the look a bit (in my opinion). :)

    I should add… I looked at the site on my iPad this morning and I actually liked how the Navigation Bars looked together on the mobile site. So maybe even centering the Navigation Bars (both) is another thought that I had.

    Hopefully that helps a little!

    Regardless I think the site looks fun and welcoming for current / potential students! :)



    I’ll have to look more closely at it some tablets (don’t own any at the moment).

    Thanks again Jessica!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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