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    I’ve a couple of sites on the Genesis framework and need some help on a couple of CSS-related things.

    First off, the sites are @ &

    (1) The first problem I am having is if you notice the three tabulations at the top of the page, if you click on the last, transparent one, you’ll notice that the whole page shifts slightly, maybe by just ten or twenty pixels.

    (2) The second problem I am having is footer issues. I think that I might have accidentally erased some of the original CSS. Also, if you notice, the site are on the Quattro theme and aren’t really Quattro-esque. Whenever I try to add widgets to the footer area, one of the areas (I believe it is Footer Widget Area 2) end up in the sidebar.

    So basically, the two problems are (1) page shifting and (2) footer are problems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    (1) I think it might be because a vertical scroll bar is appearing due to the short page. I’m on Mac using Mavericks and so my scroll bars overlay window content and disappear, which would mask that so I don’t see the issue and that’s why I “guess”. Add more content to that page and see if your issue goes away.

    (2) On line 774 of style.css you have a rule that reads #footer .footer { }. This should use only #footer or perhaps .footer, but not both. Then there are some other things missing or altered. I see you use a width of 100% AND margin: 0 auto. Together, those make no sense. The original width was 1146px. So you need to make some decisions about how that is to work all in all.

    I wonder if that’s part of your issue with footer widgets. Does this theme have footer widgets by default or did you add that functionality? If there were any added into your pages, we may see what to do to fix them.

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    (1) Thanks, I can add more content. At first, I thought it was because of the ‘.entry-title’ or something, but the problem seem to be the sidebar. I added the Genesis Simple Sidebar to add a custom sidebar to that page, but when I go to the default sidebar, the shifting doesn’t seem to happen. Maybe if I add/register the sidebar the old-fashioned way, it might resolve the issue.

    (2) Yes, this theme has three footer widget areas. I’ll add some text widgets to them so you can see what’s up.

    Basically, I’m wanting a seamless transition between every tabulation/page.

    Thanks Stinky.



    I think I managed to find some solutions to the issues I was having.

    I ran my styles.css through one of those online CSS-enhancers and it rerranged some stuff and it made me loose track of some things.

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