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    Hey guys, I would like to share my first site built using Genesis. This is a completely custom theme, with just a few lines of code used from Executive Pro so I wouldn’t completely reinvent the wheel.

    Still a Work In Progress. Just the first page really.

    Hope you guys like it and please if you have any suggestions or critiques they are always welcome.

    I’m very excited, Genesis is awesome even if it was really hard to grasp it at first.

    Thank you.


    Also I would like to add that it is responsive. I have taken into account the general breakpoints 320, 480, 600, 768, 800, 1024, 1200. There are still a few stuff to iron out…always are :)



    Sorry for yesterday, forgot to pay the hosting provider. The site is online now.



    No opinions? Anyone? Seriously? It has been 4 days!



    I really like the overall look :D
    Specially the head! Though: I’m somebody who’s getting tired of sliders, yours I would slow down a fair bit…

    What I’m not that sure about: separation of left side bar (Our Mission) to main content – maybe try to make the body font in the sidebar a tiny bit lighter (#666 or so).
    Also: I’m not sure if text justified will work with different custom text… Not many sites are using it anymore due to weird word spacing.

    But overall: a good start – looks professional

    [unlike your credit link at the bottom, InfoTrust-Design – at least put an index.html on that site to prevent directory browsing!]



    Yeah, the overall body content it is still waiting to be shaped up. Didn’t go into much detail since I am not sure what the final content will be.

    A lighter body font for the sidebar is a great idea, thx. I’ll play around with that.

    The link at the bottom was a mistake, it should have been *.ro not *.com, my bad. I corrected it now.

    Thank you for all the input, I didn’t thought that anyone would answer anymore. :))

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    your doing a good job the colors pop a bit and the menu is clear with the angle highlight and so far your readability
    is good.. if you stick with it it will be a great site..



    Get rid of the “Just another WordPress site” from your site title settings in Admin. It shows up on the browser tab when viewing the page.



    Thanks for the tip.

    I usually do cleanup before launch.



    I like it, looks great – especially the slanted design up top.

    The only things I would change, are to make the Headers stand out a bit more, and to change the color of the “site by” link in the footer.

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    absolutely must have pause on hover for the slider

    a corporate site… people might actually want to read them,

    middle-aged guys… click off, I did

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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