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    I needed to update my old site and think this might do it. Comments/observations/suggestions for improvement welcome. Next step is to add a dedicated shopping cart–hopefully with the same look & feel. Researching options now. Leaning toward Woocommerce unless anyone has a conviction to the contrary,


    Looks nice!



    Wow…I think it looks great. I’ve been thinking about using this theme for something, but whenever I follow links to sites that say the are using this theme so I can check it out, things usually don’t look that great. You must have figured out how to do it right.


    Looks really good! My only suggestion is to check your font and colors for the words that are part of the scrolling – Return to Top of Page, etc. They are hard to read since your background pictures are so rich (and beautiful!).



    Looks great



    Very nice. I like that fade effect, is that a CSS effect?



    Thanks for your kind words, folks. I agree about the font colors on the hyperlinks. I’ll work on that this morning. @blazestudios, the fade feature in the home-top is a function that comes out of the box with Agency-Pro. I’d guess he decreases the home-top opacity using the CSS3 ease-in-out command, but I’m not sure where it’s placed.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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