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    I am new to most of the website building world but not totally stupid in terms of using computer and the net. I just build a new site with the Epik theme and the various responsive plugins. The site is working great on the computer but it gives me the message “Web page is not available” on any of the mobile devices that I have tried.

    What am I doing wrong? Did I miss a setting somewhere for getting it to work on mobile devices?

    Thanks for the help.



    Is it just your site you can’t get on your mobile device? If not, most likely the device is not receiving a DNS IP from the carrier or wi-fi router. Try entering in the DNS setting area of your device.

    If just your site, clear cookies as well as cache on your mobile browser.

    Check to see if per chance you are using a proxy server. If so, disable it and see if it works.



    Hi Dev,

    Thank you for your response. It is really strange because I have tried on several different mobile devices (that work with the internet and pull up other webpages) but none of them show my site….?

    Any thoughts?




    It works on my iPhone, but homepage takes a long time to come up. Maybe your are timing out?

    Take off the slider and try the site and see if it works better?




    Thanks Dev,

    It must be something on my end then. I’ll investigate further over the weekend. Happy to hear the site works on mobile though…


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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