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    John Rey

    hi guys,

    This is my new webiste, I’m using copyblogger child theme with a little customization. I hope you could provide some feedback. Thanks.




    Hey John,
    Looks good! Clicked through some of the links and everything looks like it’s working well. Feels good to launch new stuff!


    Have you been helped in this forum? Pay it forward and answer someone else’s question. I bet you’ll know the answer to at least one question. :)

    I host a weekly WordPress-focused podcast called Office Hours. I tweet @cdils.



    Looks like everything is coming along nicely. My only suggestion right now would be to add a cache plugin or something on your blog to make it load faster. Slow loading for me (10 secs), maybe because of all the images (on Firefox, and yes I checked it against other sites).. I think there are also image condensing plugins available as well to speed up load times. Don’t ignore this because load time is very important, not only because people are impatient and won’t stick around for slow loading sites — but also because slow load times can actually negatively impact SEO.


    John Rey

    Thanks multimastery. I’ve taken notice this too so I use a cache plugin at the same time implemented a CDN. Can you check back if its taking long to load?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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