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    Erin Ulrich

    A client of mine just contacted me with a new issue on her blog. She uses Google Chrome 25 for Windows, and with this latest update, her navigation menu is messed up. Only the Home tab is in the right spot. All the others are pushed down below it (still in a horizontal line, but way below where they should be). This was not a problem before, and when I ran a test on, all other browsers show it correctly (including Chrome 24).

    She is running WP 3.5.1, Genesis 1.9.1, and Prose 1.5.2.

    Her site is here.

    I’ve uploaded a screenshot of how it looks in Chrome 25 for Windows here.

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you!! :)

    Erin Ulrich | Design by Insight | @erinulrich


    Gary Jones

    Odd. Looking fine on Chrome 27-beta.

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    Checked in Chrome 26, it is appearing fine. Ask your client to update Google Chrome browser []

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    Erin Ulrich

    Thanks for the replies! I actually found a fix earlier. There is a bug with that version of Chrome (which at the time was the most up to date version). Removing the top margin from the nav in CSS worked around it.

    Erin Ulrich | Design by Insight | @erinulrich

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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