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    Hi all

    i want to create a directory site, i am new to this so i hope i can get some good help here :-)

    i have lot’s of questions and don’t know where to start.

    businesses will each need to have their own page where i want to include an image, info, an offer, etc.

    i want to use yoast local seo plugin to show the directions, opening hours etc.

    i need to be able to put each business in the respective city and category (categories)

    * so this is issue 1) … how do i set this up so each “page (business listing)” can be “attached” to a city and one or more categories so when a user performs a search it will display this in the results?

    ** Now issue 2) … how would i be able to list all found results in a list like here small image, short info etc.

    *** issue 3) … i would like same kind of search so show results based on input on combination of “what & where” — and browse based on chosen city and/or category in dropdown… also like in the example above

    this is it for now, i guess this will keep me busy for a while

    i know there are plugins and themes that do something like this but i would like to have this in genesis with a chosen theme or build it in dynamik… with plugins there is always the update issue, compatibility issues etc.
    + i want to keep it as fast as possible :-)

    i do not need functions like paid membership per listing or business owners to be able to change a listing on their own…



    The WP-Types plugin can do this. If you need assistance, there are several developers who are very familiar with it.



    Hi Carplu,

    I work very closely with WP-Types and have worked on some directory sites as well. If you need any help, feel free to contact me. jperez at | Genesis Tuts and More
    Genesis Theme Starter Kit | It’s Free




    Thanks i had a look at TVC and it looks very helpful, especially since i can ask you for some help :-)

    cheers Carlo

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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