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    How do I edit the style of single widgets? I would like some widgets with a different style from others. On my homepage every widget has a white rounded background that I’d like removed on some widgets – Is this possible?

    How do I edit the homepage template to add elements outside of widgets, to add a div for instance? I would like to add a Nivoslider image slider, but I would like it to be part of the page template rather than entered via a widget. I have tried adding it with hooks but it didn’t work properly (for example if I added it as after content it would add a blank empty content area before the slider) – I’ve edited templates many times before in standard WordPress installations, but the way the genesis framework homepage template reads makes no sense to me! I also want to add a couple of other divs to the homepage with images.

    How do I get the Disqus comments system to show with the Genesis Framework? I have the plugin installed and it’s showing as enabled, but no comments are showing up on my site anywhere. I’ve had no problem with previous WordPress installations and Disqus.

    I tried emailing the developers but they just said to post it here :/




    Anyone? :/



    Please share a link to your site.

    Which specific widgets are you trying to target?

    Have you seen my Genesis Explained series? It explains how hooks work.

    Are comments enabled in the Genesis Theme Settings?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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