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    For some reason my logo in my header isn’t resizing correctly. As I resize my browser the logo doesn’t respond correctly.

    I emailed studio press support and they suggested I download the responsive header plug in……but then someone else on this fourm left me this feedback

    You currently have some CSS issues. You’re applying the logo graphic to the entire #header rather than just the title ( #header #title-area ). The logo graphic is 1080px wide with a bunch of white space to the left (not necessary, just make it the correct dimensions). The logo graphic is centered horizontally, so when the screen is less than 1080px the logo gets cut off.
    You need to make an image with the logo the correct size and apply it to the #header #title-area. You also might want to set the #title-area to a fixed width matching the logo so the logo doesn’t get cut off at lower resolutions. Another option would be to use the background-size css property, but that’s a bit more difficult to work with. You could also unhook the page title (which you’re hiding anyway) and replace it with an actual image, so it automatically scales down to the size of its container. Images in the HTML are much more flexible than images applied to objects using CSS.

    I’m curious which I need to do to get it working correctly.

    Here is a link to the site I’m working on: Thanks!



    Oh look… it’s the little cutie pie’s daddy! Hi, you could do one of two things.

    Option 1 – Resize your image from this wide header with all the white space, to just the width of the actual logo image – Then in your Functions.php look for the Header sizes – change the size to your actual logo size and save it. After that, go to Appearance > Header and upload the newly resized logo and save. It should appear right.

    …. another option is:

    Download Nick’s plugin. A lot of folks who use it are pretty happy with it –

    Good luck.



    I am working in the Delicious Theme and I am trying to resize my logo in the header  title area.  I do not have a Header sizes in my functions.php

    I also dont have the option for Appearance > Header.  Do you have another suggestion?  I would like the title area to be 404 x 114 for the same size logo to fit in that area.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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