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    HELP! The Media Library is driving me crazy!

    OK: I’m running the latest version of Genesis and Prose on a domain where they want to post many audio/music files in categories, i.e., albums on different pages using a third-party audio player/plugin. I’m an amateur trying this for the first time.

    I found an audio player plugin and seems OK and paid for the “pro” version: “HTML5 Pro +” (found here: ).

    I set different pages for each album with a player installed on each page. But when I go to insert files into the playlists created in the player, I have to deal with about 19 pages of files to find a particular file! And they do not seem to be organized in a logical way.

    I DID install the “Add from Server” plugin to make it easy to organize the files in the File Manager of my web host via FTP. However, this did not solve my problem when it comes to actually inserting the files into a playlist because, when I locate the file in the web host folder hierarchy via the “Add from Server” tab while in the player’s playlist setup (got that?!), it only adds it to the Media Library and not to the playlist. I have to go through the process again and add it to the playlist from the stock Media Library system and, of course, deal with those 19 pages of hell!

    So, does anyone know 1) if I’m doing something really stupid and you could clue me in about how to make my life easier here? or 2) of a cool plugin that allows us to use a hierarchy of named folders in the Media Library so, when we insert a media file (audio or image etc.), we can locate it nice and quick and/or insert multiple files in some cases?




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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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