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    Well as you can see at my project site im working on im a complete newb to css , etc…

    My issues i need help or opinions on are as follows;

    1. No matter what size px I use while using a transparent BG in photoshop cs6 I cannot get my stupid logo or header design to fit in the actual header of my site as you can see.. I actually wanted to add more object to the header itself but cant even get the logo to fit… ADVICE?

    2. Cant get the full width of the header to a different color which Id prefer black or to do a fancy background layer of a header design like most normal headers of themes but cannot on this… never worked with a full width header. normally i plug in the required header px and booyah it looks great. ADVICE?

    3. How do I get that Generate Box to be on every page? FYI its the Aweber Generate Box Plugin by nickthegeek , not the default plugin which gives you a checkbox to do so… ADVICE?

    So far those are my MAJOR issues, Im a newb but not a lazy newb, I actually am trying my best to learn but have been running into road block one after the other!!! FRUSTRATED :)


    PLEASE help you Genesis PROS! or point me in the right direction!

    Thanks so much and GOD bless!




    Hey there teag03,

    I’m just finishing up building a site with the Generate theme and can help you out…

    #1 – logo area size

    You need to change the following CSS to the height you want.

    #header: change min-height
    .header-image #title: change min-height

    #2 – background color in header
    Add a background color to .generate-green #header

    #3 – Add the Generate box to all pages

    I used the Campaign Monitor widget, but the process is much the same…

    Add the newsletter widget into Generate Box on the widgets page.
    In functions.php of the Generate child theme, add this code.



    Thank you!


    I got the logo image height and what not sorted out. However I was wanting to change the background of the Header of the website not the header of the generate box… You put


    2. add a color to .generate-green #header… thats for the gen box isnt it?

    Also can you be more descriptive instead of add, or change, or etc.. like say go down to #header then find min height: change the value to number that works for you.

    So how would I change the background color of the Actual Header that has the logo in it the full width? because i had created a standard header but when i uploaded it to my images folder via ftp there was white space on both sides of the header because its default full width…


    One other thing is that code and widget compatible with Aweber autoresponder service?

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