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    Can I get some hints on how to best optimize my site’s page speed optimization? Here is what I’ve done so far:

    1. I have WP SuperCache set up. I had W3 Total Cache, but In following someone’s guide (I can’t seem to find that guide now, of course:-P), it said that for my hosting service and plan (Servint Signature VPS), W3 can’t really do its best. Not sure I understand all that but that’s why I have WP Supercache.

    2. In most cases, I’ve done lossless compression on pictures (using Photoshop). But even still, Google PageSpeed says these images can be even smaller (sigh).

    3. I’m running Genesis 2.0 with Eleven40 Pro HTML5 child theme.

    Right now, my page load time is just under 4 seconds and I get an 87/100 on Pingdom Tools. And it tells me my site is only faster than about 45% of sites on the internet.

    I’m about at the end of my ability to do more on my own. Do folks here have any suggestions for good guides? I am not a coder or developer, but I am fairly technically minded and not afraid to dig into the guts and under the hood (and other metaphors like that;)).

    Can anyone offer any suggestions?



    Oh, my site is

    http:// Oh, my site is


    Managed hosting is the best in my opinion.



    Thanks Brad. I think I have that. Servint’s hosting plans all say “Flex VPS Instantly scalable. Easily configurable. Fully managed.”

    Or are you referring to something else. Sorry for being a bit dense on this stuff. I’m learning, but there’s a lot to learn.





    I have tried VPS before and never been able to get it under 3 seconds.

    I would look at a managed host who specializes in WordPress like WPEngine or Synthesis.

    If you check out my site, my home page loads very fast and its the most popular page on most peoples site.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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