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    Hi everyone, I’m using the Executive Pro theme for a charity site. I’ve got most of it done but want some advise about the header part.

    I’m thinking the logo section needs to spread to the menu bar so there’s not a gap. What do you think? If I add a 6th menu item it drops it to a second line anyway, so have to stick with the 5. But there’s this gap that annoys me. The other thing that would be useful is putting a donation button up the top there by the logo. At the moment it’s bottom left. It would need to be clickable. Any ideas on how I should do this please?

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    Hi Kathie, There’s some easy fixes here.

    For the menu:

    1. Take the menu that you use in Header Right (as a custom menu) and assign it to the primary menu slot in Menus > Manage Locations. Now the menu can stretch the full width above the slider.

    2. In Genesis > Theme Settings > Navigation you can select from “Primary Navigation Extras” to have a search form, today’s date, RSS link or twitter link appear at the right-edge slot of the primary menu. While you’re on that page, go to Breadcrumbs and UNcheck “Homepage”.

    3. In Header Right, remove the custom menu widget

    Donation button:

    Now you’ve got the Header Right widget area available for prominent messaging … or that donation call-to-action. You should be able to just drag the existing text widget with the Paypal code in it right up to Header Right. You”ll probably want to restyle it for its new home.

    Other stuff:

    In the home call-to-action widget area: In the text widget that defines the message and CTA button, check (turn on) the setting to “Automatically Add Paragraphs”. This should correct the vertical spacing of the message text vs. button.

    The footer widgets appear lopsided/’up and down’ because some have titles, others not. If you think about the content and placement you should find some ideas to make this more consistent.

    I hope some of this helps you out with your new site.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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