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    Thanks for expressing your concerns. Please note this is a community forum which means it is not a place of official support and it also means your concerns are not always going to be seen. If you have something you wish to be seen officially please contact us via the help desk.

    I want to address a few things, then I will close this thread because it is not appropriate for the community forum. I am sure that those addressing their concerns feel differently, but our official stance is this is a place for users to help each other, not express grievances. Thanks for your understanding.

    I’ve noted a few misunderstandings and so I think it is important to address them.

    Misunderstanding #1: You have to use the new theme.
    This is simply not true. You can use it, but the old theme is available for download to our members in the retired themes section.

    Misunderstanding #2: Old themes aren’t going to work in the future.
    Other theme shops have done that and it causes a lot of grief. We worked very hard to make sure the existing child themes work on Genesis 2.0+

    Misunderstanding #3: The one click update should apply to child themes
    This was never intended for Genesis. The child themes have always been made so that they wouldn’t be updated. If there is an update it is best to think of them as a new theme. Every major update for every child theme has been essentially a new theme visually and to some degree functionally. Agency 1.0 to 2.0 is a hugely different theme. Agency 3.0 is also very different. This isn’t a new phenomenon. The difference is you can update Genesis for core functionality so that your theme will be current with WordPress.

    Genesis came out several years ago about the time WordPress 2.9 came out. Child themes built on Genesis 1.0 (actually even ones built on the beta precursor) still work. Genesis 1.4 introduced the one click update. The oldest child themes work with Genesis 2.0 with little to no required code changes and that means they work great with WordPress 3.7.

    Very few themes can do that. This does not mean that the child themes should be one click updates. That isn’t what they are made to be and never has been.

    Now, I wanted to address the main concern here. Agency 2.0 is an XHTML theme and not an HTML5 theme.

    We do not officially support HTML5 updates. The Agency 2.0 theme is a good theme and it has worked well. There is no specific reason that users HAVE to update to Agency 3.0 or convert to HTML5. This is why we do not officially support it. If the major browsers announced that they were officially dropping support for XHTML we might change our official stance, but that would never happen.

    Users can opt to update their Agency 2.0 theme to HTML5 but it is customization. Had we never made Agency 3.0 and instead retired Agency at 2.0 it would be the same effect.

    The difference is Agency 3.0 was released and now users who had purchased Agency 2.0 or even 1.0 have access to that theme for no added cost. This brings me to the final misunderstanding.

    Misunderstanding #4: StudioPress doesn’t care about existing customers.
    We absolutely do. We are one of the few theme shops that would give you Agency 3.0 for free regardless of when you purchased Agency in the first place. The price of Agency 3.0 increased and still you get it for no added cost. Additionally, we are one of the few theme shops that allow you to use our themes on unlimited site and receive theme support for life. Most theme shops are trying to find ways to get more money out of their existing customers so they have 1 year or 2 year licenses and limit the number of sites you can officially use the theme on. They charge for updates to their themes and basically try to squeeze every last penny out of their customers and especially developers.

    I do understand that our position on the HTML5 conversion may not match what you would like to see, but please do see that you have received the theme you paid for, received support, received however much use of that theme that you desired, and also received a brand new theme at no added cost. You have received a TON for no added costs. I know you want more but at this time we are not going to offer free HTML5 conversion or free customization. If you stop and think about what you are asking, especially in light of what you have already received, you will see that our position on this makes sense and we have been extremely fair in what we do provide to our customers.

    As I said in the outset, I will be closing this thread as it is not appropriate for the community forums. It just isn’t going to lead to anything constructive there. If you need assistance with conversion please start a new thread. If you would like to address your concerns officially, please contact us in help desk.

    Thanks for being a valued customer.

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