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    As you know, with anything that is written with code that interacts with other code and runs on hardware that interacts with other hard ware you run the risk of having something go wrong and then dealing with the domino effect of a possible crash or down time of some kind. Whether you’re dealing with Themes or Plugins or WordPress itself. And of course once you add the imperfections of human interaction you’re dealing with a ticking time bomb. :)

    So of course there are always concerns with trying to keep things up and running and fully functional 100% of the time, but there will inevitably be some glitches. But for the most part they are few and far between and when they do arise we are 100% behind help resolve them, especially if they are the result of something needing adjustment in our own code.

    I would say the vast majority of update situations (whether with WordPress or the Genesis Framework) are not going to cause any issues with Genesis Extender and generally we catch things that might as we beta test both WP and Genesis before they release to the public. But when they do occur we’re on it.

    To give you an example of this, the one thing we missed with regard to one of the last Genesis updates was their changing of the way they call in the stylesheets for Child Themes. So when the Genesis update came out the Genesis Extender Custom Stylesheet ended up being called in above the Child Theme’s stylesheet instead of below it like it should be, meaning that some of the Custom Styles that had been implemented by the user were no longer overriding the default Child Theme styles.

    We caught this the day this Genesis update was released and pushed out a fix within 24 hours.

    The funny thing was that a day or two later another Genesis update was pushed out with the note that it was to fix an issue with the way the previous update had changed the way stylesheets were being called in, which was causing issues with some Child Themes.

    So in this case it was the Genesis update that partially caused the issue and not only was Genesis Extender affected, but some Child Themes as well.

    So this is all just to say that stuff happens, and that’s not 100% preventable, but who’s behind the product and their track record of staying on top of that “stuff” is the key. And in my example I just showed that both Genesis devs and our team are fully behind the Themes and Plugins we produce.




    Hi Eric,

    You are right, problems can crop up on most things, especially when dealing with computers, and the support of the authors are most important. Thanks for the assurance that you “are on it”. From my experience those are the words I like to hear.  I’m looking forward to using it.


    Expanding Designs


    I watched the demonstration video on your site and it does seem like a very nice plugin, which simplifies a lot of things for the end user.  I don’t think I would personally use it, as I have the ability to do the the things the plugin would do for me, but for someone who is not a developer, it does seem like a great option.  I’ll probably buy a copy to play around with it because I’m sure I’ll run into clients who are using it in the future.

    Where was this plugin announced?  I have not heard anything until I saw this thread.

    If something saves you just a few hours of time, it’s well worth $44 (or more).   I actively seek out premium plugins for my sites, as they are typically maintained much better and have better support (Gravity Forms for instance).

   – Custom WordPress websites built on the Genesis Framework.




    We really didn’t officially “announce” it anywhere, in terms of promoters or other websites. We instead pushed it out first to our own community of Catalyst and Dynamik members who have since spread the word through various means. You could say it’s been a bit of a grass roots effort. :)

    We do, however, plan on pushing promotion of it a bit more down the road.

    Yeah, it’s funny because even though I myself can hard code all the bits that Extender does for me, I still prefer to have it done for me. It’s just a lot faster in terms of work flow for me, but I totally understand how many coders would prefer to just code things themselves. And yes, our biggest target market are those non-coders who like the control and flexibility of something like Extender where they’re not tied to their developer when it comes to doing fairly common design and structure customization on their websites.




    “Yeah, it’s funny because even though I myself can hard code all the bits that Extender does for me, I still prefer to have it done for me.”

    Same thing when I’m fine tuning CSS – it saves me time, makes it quicker and easier to see results, and I actually enjoy using the plugin.

    The great big bonus for a non PHP guy like me is that I can customise any Genesis child theme homepage. with just a few clicks and then hit the custom CSS function to style it – or copy and paste the CSS from another project.

    Like I said, I use it on all my sites and all my client sites!

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)

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