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    I’m still making tweaks to both these sites, but I thought I would post what’s essentially the same website in both the new and old versions of the Minimum theme.

    As you can see, I’m pretty much of a minimalist (pun intended).

    Old Minimum version

    New Minimum version

    Trying to decide which I like better…

    Still more work to do obviously.


    W. McKinley – – Genesis Novice



    I definitely prefer the new one! I feel the site has more space on the new one. I like that it is not cluttered, that you are not trying to put too much on the home page. Good job!

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    Thank you very much for the comment Susan. I agree. I am really starting to like the look of the newer version better.
    I’ve added the logo and made a couple other tweaks.

    I notice you are very helpful in these forums and I’m certain everyone really appreciates it. It’s very nice of you to donate your time helping others with all these different issues.

    I only have one minor issue I’m still grappling with, the footer widget area. I have three footer widgets and you might notice the spacing between 2 and 3 is wider than 1 and 2. This is causing the footer to not display properly on my iPad in landscape.

    If you have any ideas on that, it would be much appreciated.


    W. McKinley – – Genesis Novice



    Never mind on that widget issue. I tinkered around with the margins and widths and got them to line up ok in “skinny screen” even though they aren’t aligned perfectly in normal widths.

    Thanks again!

    W. McKinley – – Genesis Novice



    For some reason, on the new version my logo is above the menu. I can’t work out why. Maybe i’m doing something silly. Has anyone else had this issue?



    If you post a link to your site someone might be able to help you out with it. also a complete description of where you want the logo and how you want it to look.

    The best tip I can offer I is to get Firebug and spend a little time learning to use it. It’s been a big help for me.

    W. McKinley – – Genesis Novice



    I like the older one better.  The new one takes up a lot more space and you have to do a lot more scrolling down.  The older one even “looks” better, font wise.  I don’t care for the fonts used on the new one at all.

    The only thing I would do to the old one is get rid of the Home and replace it with the 2 lines of text following it, or, use that space for a call to action.  Maybe something along the lines of “Sign up today to get access to the latest state of the art tools used by traders and investors from around the world”. Well, that stinks, but I hope you see what I’m trying to get at:))  It is unclear what you want your visitors to do, at least it is to me, so don’t be afraid to tell them.

    Good luck!!





    Thanks for reminding me to remove the page titles on that first site. All I did to remove page titles site-wide was add this to the functions.php

    /** Remove page titles site wide (posts & pages) */
    remove_action(‘genesis_post_title’, ‘genesis_do_post_title’);

    As far as which site looks better I suppose it’s a matter of opinion. The old Minimum site looks more old-school, but I liked it so much the way it was I didn’t want to change it. The new site is easier to read sitting back in my chair.

    Seems like the new trend is bigger fonts and lots of white space, which is fine by me. I’m starting to prefer the new one.

    As far as the call to action, it’s supposed to be to watch the video.

    Thanks for your input.

    W. McKinley – – Genesis Novice

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