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    After MUCH research, I cannot figure out a few things.

    I managed to get Genesis installed, PYT theme installed, customized the header, etc.

    1.  Is there a FULL tutorial for each theme?  I can only find tidbits.

    2.  I am trying to get my site to look like the demo.

    I cannot get images to show on the first two posts or the Grid posts  like the demo
    I cannot get the 3 footer columns to show up.  I’ve added the widgets, but they are not showing up. {SAMPLE demo that I am referring to}

    How do I get the “About Danielle Summers” section to show up in the comment area? (obviously changing it to my info)

    I am VERY new to all this and would greatly appreciate simple explanations.  I am not familiar with the coding.


    Thank you for all your help!



    The tutorials are in the site next to the theme download. Right now it says “how to”

    Usage and technical questions may be submitted to the help desk at We do not guarantee a response in these forums.

    When posting a question please share a link to your site so we can see what is happening.

    I cannot answer question number 2 without seeing what is happening.

    For #3, go to your profile settings and enable the author box on single posts. You will need a gravatar account to get your image to show. The author bio in the user profile will also show as your description text.

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    Thanks, Nick.

    I am SOOO lost here and one of the reasons I quit using the Genesis theme a year or so ago.  I am trying again.

    Yes, I did find the very basic “how to” for this theme but the only thing it covers is the Social Icons.

    Your directions for #3 were wonderful :)

    Link is:

    and sadly, I just discovered one additional issue.  My pagination is not working.  I get a 404 error when I click on Next Page.

    My permalinks are set to Default??





    I got the page navigation to work :) after a lot of playing around.

    Still hoping someone will chime in with the images issues on this theme.



    Errr….I guess I did not get the page navigation to work.  It reverts right back to page one.   I gave up and submitted an inquiry with the help desk.



    Does anyone know how I can get FULL posts to show on my homepage instead of just excerpts with a “read more” button?! Is this possible?!



    @krphh: I replied to your other post:

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts

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