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    David Decker

    To separate typical i18n topics and community translations exchange for Framework, Child Themes and Plugins from the other stuff here I strongly suggest the creation of

    a new sub forum here for “Internationalization/ Translations” (or give it a better name!)

    Would simply things a bit for users and moderators here I guess.

    I know we should not make to many sub forums but maybe this one is a common thing.


    -Dave :)



    +1million. We were trying to think of everything we needed and very late Wednesday, the day before this all went live I realized “crap we don’t have the international forums”

    What I hope to see happen is a forum for discussing internationalization, but also a place for the international community to go native. It would be really cool for them to post design and development tips in the language they feel most comfortable in. That way users who struggle with English even more than I do (seriously have you seen how I butcher the language I grew up with. it is scary.) will have tips and tutorials they can read without using translation tools. I think that would be a real win for the community.



    I second the motion too :-) central place for – The rest of the world – will be useful

    Simplicity is not Simple Webtaurus


    David Decker

    Hi there!

    Thanks for your feedback, both!

    I agree with Nick, that it would be really cool to have some language specific discussions/tips/whatever in one’s native language :)

    So, since Brian just opened a sub forum, we have our place to go:


    David Decker

    Thread closed, because new sub forum is open!

    Enjoy all users :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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