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    I recently launched a new website for a winery that used Agency as a foundation:

    I’d appreciate any feedback on this one as I’m always looking to improve my approach in working with StudioPress themes and am kicking off another project soon.

    One thing I was curious about is what people considered the best practice for modifying the themes styles. This time I took the approach of modifying the header in the style.css to include my details, as well as to note that it is based on Agency. Then, I used functions.php to include a second custom stylesheet that supersedes the Agency style rules when necessary.

    My thoughts are that this separation would make it easier to update the core Agency theme itself if necessary.  What do you think?



    You did an EXCELLENT job. I love it, the lite colors and the photos. You can modify the CSS any way you want. It’s really up to you. But still giving credit to the original SP Agency theme is nice.



    Thanks for the feedback Antiac! The way I noted the CSS was like this:

    For the credits I took this approach in the style.css header:

    Theme Name: CK Mondavi Child Theme
    Theme URI:

    Description: This is a variant of StudioPress Agency — a theme for the Genesis Framework –
    Author: Blairworks
    Author URI:

    Do you think that is a good header format in terms of giving appropriate credit? I’ve been trying to come up with a format that makes everything clear about the status of the theme to the client and any future developers they may have looking inside the WordPress console.  If there is a best/standard practice here that achieves this kind of clarity I’ll use it in the future. It is too bad that WordPress doesn’t provide for “grandchild themes” :-)


    john gronley

    This is amazing!



    Thanks John!


    john gronley

    You’re welcome, your site is unbelievably professional. I wish I had your vision and talent for creating the gradients and displays. Great Job!!!

    No need to reply again, I am still in awe over your site! Maybe I can grab the style sheet sometime?



    This is lovely and understated, it really works.


    john gronley

    And a page rank of 5 on your site to-boot!



    Great feel – very nice use of the theme. Really like the black and white historical images. Great job!



    Looks very nice.

    You could change the unordered list from square to disc and add a blog!

    Line 865 style.css file.

    .archive-page ul li,
    .entry-content ul li {
    	list-style-type: disc;
    	margin: 0 0 0 30px;
    	padding: 0;



    Hey, one more post of praise.  This is a great example of how far we can go using a studiopress theme as a starting point.  Very encouraging to the rest of us who are only beginning to find our way.  Beautiful work!

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    Thank you everyone for looking the site over and for your feedback! I appreciate it very much.

    @braddalton – That is nice pickup on on the list style type — after looking at them both I do agree that discs look better here given the softer feel. I’m going to run it by the client.

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