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    I am looking at moving to Studiopress (love the themes and know a vet site that is very well done based on these products) but our organization need basic referral database functionality. I also am working on our non profit Foundation sites so seemed like the right time to move forward

    I am thinking of converting our websites over to WordPress and the limiter seems to be a php-mysql search engine I wrote years ago.

    Our secretary uploads a csv file every week of member holistic vets and then people can search either by name or do an advanced search by state or small versus large animal etc.

    Any thoughts on compatible plugins that will work with Studiopress themes. There are only about 100 entries with about 15 data fields but it is an important part of our small organization

    I was looking at plug-ins and wondered if they will work or is Studiopress – Genesis framework a specialized CMS or does it have full WordPress plug-in (within reason of course) compatibility?

    Looking for direction, advice – anything to help

    If interested the url is

    Thank you for any direction you can give




    Take a look at the Business Directory Plugin. They offer a free version and also then you can purchase premium add-ons. Review some of the support questions here.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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