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    I’m getting ready to make the jump to Genesis with a StudioPress child template and I need a little help.

    The first website I intend to use with the new Genesis framework will be my own. As the owner of small design company, I really like some of the slick portfolio sections I’ve seen in some of the more advanced templates at ThemeForest—specifically the visual portfolio with the blocks that move around based on which option you select. Plus, I want to insert a Google map into my site and make other tweaks.

    I noticed that none of the StudioPress child templates have the first feature I want, and few have the second. Are these things that can be added with plugins? If so, where do I find these?

    And secondly, I have a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and a little PHP, but I am by no means a coder. With that being the case, and as a newbie to the WordPress platform, do you recommend pairing Genesis with Visual Composer, Dynamik, Genesis Extender, or something else?

    Thanks for your help.

    Some Genesis Theme does support Portfolio post types like

    Effects is very subjective topic, you can achieve them manually by modifying CSS adding specific script files. There are plugins for such functionality, check official WordPress plugin directory (for more premium plugins check code canyon website).

    Yes, there is always option to use tools like extender and dynamik – however, if you really want to learn – do this manually (it can very tough but fruitful in the long run). Also, if you need professional help in website customization on Genesis framework – you can reach me.



    I was actually referring to something like this: What do you call this effect?

    I heard Dynamik was a really good option for learning code, since it writes and displays the code you’ll need to achieve each affect. Thanks for the offer of help.


    There are third party Genesis Themes with such fancy effects like: and



    Nice. Thanks for the links.

    I noticed that many of the Genesis themes tend to be pretty plain. Is that done by design to ensure seamless upgrades and an easier migration to other themes?

    Also, it seems like Genesis, and perhaps even WordPress, relies on plug-ins to add functionality and special effects. How does the use of plug-ins affect Genesis upgrades?


    Use of plugins is not affected by Genesis framework updates in any specific manner.

    However, some plugins cause issue when new version of WordPress is released but premium plugin publishers usually patch plugins as and when such thing happens. So make sure you use actively developed plugins.



    It might be fair to say that some Genesis theme shops tend not to add in every feature and effect that you might find crammed into themes like Avada, Enfold, Divi and others. Maybe that makes them ‘plain’. Some themes do tend towards carrying many features, such as those from zigzagpress. But have another look at themes from, say, Web Savvy Marketing (like “Deborah”) and you’ll find a theme that does a lot of things under prescribed design constraints and a somewhat traditional presentation; but I wouldn’t call it plain.

    Another way to consider this is that themes without a mountain of features do not lock your site into that specific theme, making it easier to use a new child theme design for a fresh look. Sometimes a do-it-all theme it can be a nightmare of shortcodes and native custom post types, taxonomies, javascript, etc. Since there are plugins aplenty to choose from for these elements, why tie yourself into one theme? So, yes, an easier migration when required/desired, but also fewer potential complications for when you’re not using every whiz-bang theme feature.

    re: upgrades and plugins: I think this would be like any theme, except that StudioPress has the resources to test Genesis better than your average theme shop, so you may get a better result.

    re: “the visual portfolio with the blocks that move around”. This is commonly achieved with the Isotope JQuery script (or possibly “Quicksand”) You can see it here in combination with Filtrify JQuery. You can roll your own or use on of several tutorials for guide you. An Isotope portfolio is also available as a plugin from Jonathan Atkinson at Cr3ative Products. While not designed for Genesis alone, Jonathan sells the Church theme for Genesis on Themeforest.

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