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    I just upgraded from News to News Pro child theme. I am using 2 “Featured Posts” widgets, each configured differently and with the appropriate offset to avoid duplication, in the “Home Top” section. They are the same widgets I was using with the News theme.

    Problem is, with the new theme, underneath the posts that should be there as a result of the widgets, I now have a full list of posts in reverse chronological order, just as might be expected in a default WP set up with no widgets in place.

    If this is a simple fix, I apologize, but I have looked everywhere for some setting that is invoking the normal blog post list after my Featured Posts widgets, and I cannot for the life of me find it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Site is


    Here is the answer – or one answer at least, that I found through trial and error:

    In the old News theme, you could place Featured Posts widgets only in one of the Home sections (I used Home Top), and it would override the default WordPress behavior of displaying a blog style home page. I had two differently configured Featured Posts widgets in Home Top, and that was all the blog content on my home page.

    When I upgraded to News Pro, the native behavior of WP returned, and following my Featured Posts widget-invoked content, appeared all of the site’s blog posts, just as if no widgets were in the Home section.

    In order to make the blog style home page content go away, I have to place Featured Posts widgets in AT LEAST TWO of the Home sections. When I move one widget to Home Middle Left, or Home Bottom, the blog style home page content disappears. So now instead of having two Featured Posts widgets in Home Top, I have one in Home Top and one in Home Bottom, and everything is working as it should, and there is no other content appearing on the page.

    This is not a problem, because frankly it looks better to have Featured Posts widgets in two Home sections than to have them both stacked up in one. However it is a slight difference from the way the News theme worked.



    I’m having this problem but i DON”T want the Middle or Left widget, but I have to for the latest post to go away…



    me too…how do I get rid of the damn default post widget?
    I’ve posted this all over this forum with NO RESPONSE

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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