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    Hey all, so I am using the newest version of the “News Pro” Genesis theme. The problem is, sometimes when I load any post on my blog, the sidebar gets kicked down way further down the page. Is this known of to happen?. Thanks.


    I loaded all the posts on your homepage just fine, with the sidebar appearing on the right.

    So, do you mean that it’s appearing below the post? It could be because you are viewing it on a smaller screen and are getting the iPad responsive layout, it’s set to do that if your screen size is smaller than 1023px

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    I mean the main sidebar on the right. I have two screens that are two different sizes. My left and right screens are 17 inches (1280×1024) and my middle screen is 20 inches (1600×900). I deactivated all plugins but the problem still persists on my screens. On my Samsung Galaxy 3 Tab 10.1, it shows perfectly… weird. On my spare PC with a 17″ CRT monitor, my website displays perfectly in Chrome. This is weird. I guess I will just not even worry about it as long as it works for everyone else. I have no extensions enabled in Chrome, and I tried my site in Opera on this machine and it also has the same problem.



    All ok here…

    We are a web design & development consultancy based in Singapore who specialise in all things WordPress & Genesis. | ChillyBin Web Design & Consultancy: | Twitter: @chillybindesign



    This just started happening to me on several sites with NEWSPRO. Was this resolved?


    I am still seeing problem occurring in News Pro on my side. I know people see my site and notice it’s actually working, but as you can see Cami is having the same problem too. It seems that the sidebar in News Pro can also screw up if you have the right kind of code inserted in a single post or page which can push the post tags down to the right sidebar aswell, causing more problems:

    If it’s just me seeing these problems in this theme, then someone else out there is probably seeing it too, even if a lot of people are seeing it fixed.



    I do think this occurs in CHROME without ANY content – just the theme installed. Would love to know a fix soon. I have sites to design with your great theme! :)



    Has anyone gotten a response or suggestions on a fix for this yet?

    In IE all is well for us but we are experiencing the sidebar drop in FF.


    Well… this is weird. You’d expect at least a response with “yes we’re fixing it” or something like that. But nothing. I’m sure someone here at studiopress knows that it’s a problem with this theme, but it’s seriously annoying. Please fix it you talented people you!.



    I believe the issue is resolved now for us, of course the answer was right in front of me and I didn’t think about it until after submitting a support ticket. While waiting on a reply I decided to try once more to update both Genesis framework and the child theme by manually uploading them to my server instead of using the WP Dashboard as I’d done previously during troubleshooting in case something went screwy with the automated updates. It worked sidebar is now where it’s supposed to be.


    Alright, im gonna try that, thanks. Just wondering though, do you ever update Genesis from WordPress directly and afterwards, you login either the same day later on or the next day, and it still says you need an update?. Then you do the update, it says you’ve already updated Genesis…

    I’ve had that issue many times recently.



    My normal practice is to always update manually. I very rarely use the update features from within the WP admin however I do sometimes attempt them when I’m in a hurry. It nearly always results in something gone haywire which forces me to manually update to troubleshoot which generally fixes the problem instantly.


    Well, I updated the News Pro theme and the Genesis Framework themes manually, but the problem still exists. Of course you didn’t say that fixed it for you, but I thought id give it a shot. I still notice on my tablet in Chrome that my site loads fine in the sidebar, its only on my computer that I see this. So there must be other people viewing my site that see this too, it just depends on the browser and configuration.


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