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    little shiva

    I’m working with the NEWS child theme and have lots of items on my primary sidebar (the one on the right), making my site rather long. Sorry, it’s behind an “under construction” screen so I can’t show you.

    The  home top widget contains the Genesis responsive slider and Genesis tabs. Next come middle left and right, then middle bottom. I want to put a few different categories in middle bottom with three posts each, formatted exactly as in the demo (

    To use the demo as an example, notice how at the bottom of the middle bottom section it says “read more from our fashion blog.” I want those announcements on my site, but if I insert a second “featured posts” widet after the first, the “read more” line from the first sits uncomfortably close to the title of the second.

    I thought breaking them up with an rss feed might make things better, but when I inserted a flux widget between the two “featured posts” widgets, nothing happened. I tried several different feeds (nope), tried moving the widget elsewhere (nope) and tried emptying the cache: nothing worked.

    Does anyone know what could be the problem?



    Could you post a link to your site please? It’s easier to work with your actual code.


    little shiva

    I can’t because it’s hiding behind an under construction page – client doesn’t want it visible while in development, of course.



    there are some plugins you can use to keep the site hidden but you can add a link and give it out for times like these. i don’t know if the free version of allows you to do it, but i know the pro version does.


    little shiva

    Ooh, thanx for that plugin, it’s better that the “under construction” one I was using. I switched! But I can’t pay for pro just now, and am not sure that the secret client link would let you in to admin anyway. If someone would like to help me in a private message, let me know and I’ll give you access.


    little shiva

    Can someone help me with the original question please? I can send you the login privately.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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