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    Ben Kemp

    I’ve spent an hour messing up the layout on – the only useful progress made was putting the backup style.css back in to fix the problems I had created! :-)

    1.) On internal pages, what I want to achieve is widening the 150 px left sidebar so the 160×600 skyscraper adverts fit correctly
    – at the same, narrowing the right sidebar so that the center content column remains the same size.

    Is anyone able to provide a list of items / locations to edit to achieve the right outcome?

    Thanks in advance


    Okay if you make the left sidebar 160px – that will push the content area over. If you make the right sidebar smaller, it will leave a gap between the content and the right sidebar. The CONTENT-SIDEBAR are wrapped together, so you will need to not only modify the column widths but also the margins/padding and you will need to do the same thing with the SIDEBAR-ALT. Also, keep in mind that the vertical line in between the content and right sidebar is an actual image. You will need to also reset that image width. There’s a bit more work to do what you want. If you are familiar with Firebug for Firefox, you can target the right areas and set them the way you want them. If you need customized service, I am available to do this for you.


    Ben Kemp

    Hi Anitac
    Thanks for the explanation, it certainly got unexpectedly harder the further I went onwards! :-)
    – I will contact you via your website…


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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