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    Hi folks – I use the News theme, and I’m very happy with it but with one exception – the Home Middle Left and Home Middle Right widget areas use different font weights,which makes them look odd, particularly because they’re side by side on the page. I’ve run firebug but can’t work out which font to change to make the titles on the right match those on the left, which fit with the others on the page…

    You can see my site here – as you’ll note the titles in the middle section just don’t look right:

    Can anyone help?



    I see a CSS rendering for “spacker cache” located in your uploads folder. Clear your cache settings in the plugin you are using or disable it to see if the fonts will render correctly.



    It’s the JSS & CSS Script Optimiser Plugin – I’ve disabled it and cleared the cache but not change. To be frank with you, it’s always rendered in this ugly way in the News child theme, but I’m just trying to tidy everything up at the moment so want to deal with it…



    Pardon my ignorance here, but I have NEVER been able to change ANY of the fonts with Genesis. I have asked in the forum previously, but I didn’t receive any really helpful replies. It’s reaching a point where I am ready to bail on StudioPress and head over to Catalyst — People have told me that it’s MUCH more user-friendly….

    peteste, I really like the fonts (font style and size) that you are using on your site. Can you tell me what you have done to accomplish that look?



    Well, I just discovered the Design Palette plugin. WOW that changes everything…. I am now able to easily adjust the fonts, colors, sizes, etc. SIMPLY!

    The only fonts that I can’t seem to change easily are the H1 – H6 — For some reason, they aren’t being affected by the adjustments that I am making. Regardless, a big improvement



    Fastlane – Thanks for sharing about the Design Palette plugin. I’m checking it out now and really like it. I love the different plugins for Genesis. I could never use them all, but it is wonderful to know these themes are so well-supported with quality plugins.

    While it is sometimes frustrating to find information in the community forums, I have found several designers who have wonderful tutorials on their personal blogs. I subscribe to a handful and keep the links on hand.


    Angela – I write fiction, review books and get walked daily by a big dog.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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