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    I’m a bit confused. I was using Catalyst up until about a week ago and now theres no more catalyst suport forum. Can I post Catalyst Theme questions here?

    This is the site im working on:

    I am trying to find a cool way in which the front Content area of the page can look a lot fuller and more busy and informative. Any suggestions? At the moemnt Im getting a Magazine type effect by using the Static Homepages setting via in the EZ tab of Catalyst.

    Is there another way to get a Magazine or Newspaper effect?

    Are there any plugins I could benefit from?

    Many thanks,



    someone suggested i use this plugin. but, I cant figure out how to use the plugin so that my Homepage looks like a newspaper…



    Also, how do I display posts or categories as a widget in my sidebar?

    many thanks,



    I don’t really know anything about the Catalyst theme, but I have used the list category posts widget before. I had to make posts in a particular category, then pull that category using the widget. I placed the widget in a featured section of the page, I was using the Backcountry theme from StudioPress. You could do the same with a sidebar, just drag it in place. Once it is dragged into your sidebar you will see all the settings to get it to look the way you want.

    StudioPress also offers a few themes that give the ‘busy’ look you’re after, try the News or Magazine themes.



    Catalyst is part of Cobalt Apps now – Check out their forum.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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