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    Brian Gardner is a terrible influence. He tweeted about doing a redesign on his blog just as I was looking at Masonry for someone and I was overcome with the urge to see what would happen if I applied masonry to my personal site.

    This is what happens

    I am still working on it so there are some things that aren’t quite laid out right, and the responsive design will need some finessing, but clean copy of the latest Genesis style.css merged with existing backbone from my personal site and some of the CSS from that site got me a long way very quickly. I spend most of my time trying to get Masonry to work with the Infinite Scroll built into Jetpack before I gave up and used a stand alone infinite scroll script, which seems much better.

    As I finish the design I’d love some feedback. I think I’m going to release it as a free theme when it i finished. I don’t know of any good examples of a tumblog/pintrest type theme for Genesis yet.



    Nick, you guys change themes like underwear!!! LOL, that’s a really cute site. What is Masonry?



    Masonry is a jQuery plugin script that lets floats arrange in tighter block similar to what you see in Pintrest.

    I tend to leave my site alone for much longer than Brian does though. The last redesign has been there since Streamline 2.0 came out.



    Oh, I see. I have to check that out. I know Brian had a Pinterest-like theme in the works… I saw it on the net, but it’s not there now. I loved it and have been waiting for it.



    I like it – I like that it takes up the whole width of the screen (viewing on an Macbook Air). It does have a Pinterest style feel to it.

    Susan @ One Happy Studio I offer theme customizations I tweet!
    I’ve taken up the challenge! – help me answer some of the unanswered posts



    just an update, I cleaned up some of the issues on my punch list, especially some of the mobile responsive things. I still have cross browser testing and mobile device (as opposed to using the SP responsive tool) testing to do.

    Anything anyone would change? I figure once I’ve had it live on my site for a bit I’ll clean my code up some (the php files are kinda scary) and package it as a free theme. I’m also taking suggestions for names. All I got is infinite free mason which will probably get the illuminati after me.



    I have pretty much finished. I’ll be making small adjustments as I add some different posts, go through my old posts and find things that need to be changed. I put it live on my site though

    Still welcome feedback on what I might improve.




    I like the site and love the idea of using infinit scrolling and the Masonry script.  Very cool ideas.

    I also really like the added subscription box that’s been negative z-indexed to be revealed as the page scrolls.  Very clever way of doing that without the need of scripts.

    Because each section in a column is of variable length, it makes for a lot of open “dead” space on the page.  Some sections work extremely well and connect in a very interesting way.  It is those sections where there are significant gaps that looks bad.  It has an incomplete feel.

    I’m a fan of the color palette.


    Alan Smith



    I think it’s a great idea and looks like a neat start to something cool. I don’t care for the funky chunks of open spaces. I think the typography needs some work, especially the size and font of the headlines. It definitely does some weird things when I resize my window.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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