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    I am doing the SEO for a client and it seems as though the designer has not created a menu the “usual” way – or via a widget/sidebar. He has used the Child Pages Shortcode plugin to create the child pages.

    I am relatively new to this and have not seen it before as normally one uses the menu function in WordPress or a Woirdpress menu plugin?

    I am concerned about the effect on SEO as each link now has a /menu/ in the link. Is this not going to negatively affect Google’s crawling of the site if every single link has /menu/ in it?

    I am more concerned on the effect on SEO as that is what I am being paid to do so would really appreciate advice on that aspect.

    The site url is



    That’s an odd way of setting up menus and pages but Google won’t really care, so the impact, if any, on SEO is nominal. Besides, about 95-percent of what constitutes good search engine ranking and results is based more on back links than bells and whistles and traditional SEO efforts.



    Thanks very much Ron!

    Ive never seenĀ  it done like this either.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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