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    Is there a way to use a static, html page – a non wordpress page – as the index/home page?

    In other words I want to create a separate html page with a menu bar that links to my regular Genesis wordpress pages (about us, services, etc.) and make that the home page.

    But I want to keep everything else as a regular Genesis wordpress website.

    Is a there a tutorial or information on how to do this?




    Are you essentially trying to have a non-blog home page?



    Yes. An html page that is outside of wordpress. But the “home” page inside wordpress should lead to this outside page.



    I have never had another site to mix with a WordPress site, I would look up their documentation or start here;

    If you wanted to just create a Page in WordPress and set that as the homepage, that would work too.

    Within your WordPress Admin area create a page and name it ‘Home’ (You can add content later).

    Then go to Settings -> Reading.  Under the ‘Front page displays’ option, select ‘A static page (select below)’.  Select the ‘Home’ page and save the setting.

    This will set that ‘Home’ page you created as the home page and not display the blog posts.

    I hope this will set you in the right direction.



    There is a plugin called Page Links To which I have used on a few sites to achieve what I think you have in mind.

    “Allows you to point WordPress pages or posts to a URL of your choosing. Good for setting up navigational links to non-WP sections of your site or to off-site resources.”

    Eamon Moriarty
    EM Dzine

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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