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    Hi.  I am having the biggest problem ever.  I had someone move my blogger blog to WP in November (she used Headway).  She had it all working and it was redirecting just fine.  All the viral pins on Pinterest (that were pinned on blogger) were redirecting to the new WP blog and to the right post.  Perfect.  Then almost 2 months ago I paid someone to move me to Genesis.

    Since that time, nothing is redirecting right anymore.  My visits per day have taken a nose dive (and so have my ad sense numbers).  I found out quite by accident that things were not redirecting.  I saw this pin and clicked it to make sure it went to my site.  It went instead to some strange version of my old blogger blog.

    this pin goes to the strange version of blogger

    it is supposed to go here…

    but it goes here.
    I asked the people who helped me with the other stuff and they aren’t really sure what to do.  One said this, “The problem is that the ?m=1 at the end is using a mobile version of the site that I can’t get to in editing the Blogger blog, not only that, but even when I remove it the site goes to the home page and not the post.  I would say that since these are big traffic sources for you it might be time to talk with a redirection expert – I can handle basic redirection but can’t do the more advanced ones that this would entail. The Blogger to WordPress migration folks offer help with troubleshooting and I think they would be able to help with this.”  

    Which doesn’t make much sense to me.  Can anyone tell me what to do?  Please?  I am loosing my mind.


    I’m working through all the outstanding issues here on the forum. Since it’s been over 3 months since you posted your question, I’m hoping you were able to resolve your issue. Please check in when you have a chance.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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