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    Another vote for keeping the old forum.

    Maybe make people tick a checkbox as they access it to confirm that they understand content there is to do with the “old” version of Genesis and that they need to check their version first.

    Finding solutions to issues was much quicker on the old forum’s structured sub-fora. It’s very hit and miss now – depending on how you word a problem. I do find solutions – but it takes a lot longer.

    Studiopress is very complicated unless you are very technical

    I’ve been writing my own WordPress themes for years and I’m often confused by Genesis.

    I have well over a dozen client sites that use the current version of Genesis and will continue to do so until I find a way of making the new version as accessible as the old and ensure that it all works reasonably in older browsers. So I will still need answers to “old” problems.

    I do hope that if we are forced to contact Support with issues that used to be resolved on the old forum we won’t get the “I’m sorry but your query is beyond the scope of support” etc.

    Here’s a thought for you Studiopress. Stick the old forum on a sub-directory behind a pay-screen and charge a small annual amount (and I do mean really small – $5 or $10) to access it. Think of all the support staff time it’d save you!



    When I was there this week there were 121 people in there! If each one submits 2-3 tickets….each day….?

    I really hope they had studied the stats of vistors and users and are GEARED UP with a lot of true support people. That they calcuated what percent of them visited different questions, and what percent will now have to ask with a ticket. Because they are going to get hit over and over and very basic questions about settng up the themes to look like the demos. There is no basic help or tutorials for the general public. Lots of high level jargon only.

    I’m not even talking customization–I am talking about what you get and how it looks nothing like the demos and there a lot that has to happen there…..with no basic instructions! I’ve seen lots of admin responses that are so technical in nature and someone would jump in to help. Now that it will all be secret and private their reps are going to be driven crazy with my basic questions alone! But if that is how they want to do it, I hope the financial model makes sense because you had thousands of people searching and helping themselves. I won’t even bother anymore I guess. “Why is the home page photo so much bigger than the demo” “Tell me how to get that box there on the bottom of the home page”….etc etc. “This picture isn’t centered like the demo one”

    They have sold Studiopress as “web site in 20 minutes” and for those who are used to changing themes and templates in Word or Powerpoint it sounds easy. It’s not even on the same planet! I think there are lots of people who realized this and either gave up or searched the forums and taught themselves bit by bit.

    What I am hearing is that Studipress wants a much more complicated support model–it’ll be expensive for them. To get me set up to a basic functioning web site each time I try a new look and they have very different things that have to be done. With Getting started instructions as a college programming level! Yikes Be ready, I’ve gotten hundreds of Agentpress answers from the site and they are all now coming to YOU!!!! :)



    Agh! Is it really gone now? I am totally stuck. When I search this new forum I’m swamped with irrelevant results. And it seems that the excerpts do not focus on my search term in excerpt format and it’s just pages of full posts. This seems more like a blog site search results instead of a support forum results. Maybe its the formatting but it is just not easily scan-able. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make this thing useful for simple questions that really should not need a support ticket opened?

    For example, I searched “sticky posts” today and … well just try it and see what I mean by the first result being obnoxiously useless.

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