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    AgentPress was updated today, and it looks like a completely different theme than before.

    A client of mine had chosen the (old) AgentPress theme for a project. A project I was due to start on tomorrow.

    Now that the theme has been updated, is there no way of getting hold of the old AgentPress theme? Thanks in advance for any help/advice.


    Joseph Lee

    Not that I am aware of.

    I feel your pain Kayaismail. The new theme is horrible.

    I think Studiopress is out of ideas. Their themes all look identical. This flat box look is getting old. The old theme was unique. Now it looks identical to the other themes. Just a different layout.

    Adding a few styles for search forms from a single plugin on the market is hardly justification for this theme. You could have just released a few lines of css in a snippet to upgrade ANY of the themes on studiopress that look identical to this one. lol



    @kayaismail I believe that you can get the old theme if that’s what you want but you may have send them an email for the download link. They usually have all the older versions available.

    @Joseph I thought that I was the only one that I found the new version to be very lame. Love the Genesis framework but like you said all of their new themes are identical with just a few lines of css added. What happened to the innovations that they promised (like specific schema markup) upon the release of Genesis 2.0 over a year ago? Not everyone who uses Genesis themes is an author or a blogger.


    Joseph Lee

    sdbroker, what I would love to see is a Genesis – Bootstrap version. With all bootstrap markup.

    Anyhow, I am disappointed in their themes. WooThemes is vastly outproducing Studiopress in quality and quantity. Look at their themes, they are entirely unique in CSS and JS. Many have custom images to make the themes different. Studiopress never utilizes images, just css. So they can put it out faster and the site ends up looking identical to another site.

    Played out :(

    I actually stopped producing on Genesis because I wasn’t proud to say “go to studiopress.com and pick a theme and I will set it up for you.” I kept getting clients say, all of those themes are the same.



    Hi all,

    I completely agree. StudioPress’ themes are becoming carbon copies of one another. The previous version of AgentPress was brilliant.

    For your information though, I contacted StudioPress via ticket and here’s what they said:

    Hello Kaya,

    Thanks so much for your inquiry. When you purchase the Pro version of the theme, you also gain access to its previous version in your downloads area. >:o)

    So that’s good news. They should definitely just offer it as a different theme, because the older version is seriously awesome, and the new one seriously isn’t.


    Joseph Lee

    Were you guys using this theme for a real estate website or something else all together?

    I don’t see the older agentpress theme in my downloads area.

    I think if I can find it, I am going to rebuild it html/mobile friendly. Maintain it for the community.

    I was upset about the change because I had an IDX plugin that I sell for realtors that plugs seamlessly in to the agentpress theme that adapts to their css.

    The new theme changed the html markup and looks like crap. lol


    Suzanne Burton

    I just finished a rebuild on the new Agentpress Pro theme and I was really liking it. :-\

    Here is my new site in action:


    I do not suggest using the old Agentpress theme because it is not mobile responsive.

    I understand everyone’s complaints about the new themes but it is not about the ‘look’ anymore, it is how a site renders itself on all devices. I never let a client choose a theme. The content of the site determines the theme.

    While the Agentpress themes look like they would be good for realtors, I have found realtors really don’t want to add listings and maintain them.

    The Agentpress Pro theme provides the larger photos, and the Agentpress plugin provides the search feature. This is a good theme for retail stores or craftsmen.

    I plan on using it again for a lady who makes fine jewelry. Folks will search either metals and stones, or rings, necklaces, etc (I haven’t yet decided). At the bottom of each product I am just going to add a Gravity Form to Paypal. It is my solution to a simple store for an artist who doesn’t have a fortune to spend on a website.

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