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    Hi, I’m starting an online gaming site and have the need of your advice.
    What would be the best theme to use for a gaming site.
    It will be from kids games uo to WOW and LOL etc, with a group game section.
    I have other sites and like the strength of genesis but am not sure if there isn a theme I can use for this or maybe I need a plug in.

    All help and suggestions greatly appreciated.

    3rd parties welcome to quote.

    Thank You




    Do you have any sites you like the look of or like specific features on different sites?



    Hi Brad, apologies for the delay, have kids in uni.
    I have been looking at some “aggregator” theme and sites, I am still trying to work out what I want, this can be dependant on the targeted age range, or the games being promoted, streamed or played.
    The site will grow over time so it has to be adjustable in size eg in No’s of videos shown, across multiple platforms,computer tablet phone etc.
    When I started this I didn’t realise the learning curve would be quite so extensive.

    However the site, theme look, functionality etc can make or break the site

    At the moment I have a cpl of sites that are reasonable,,
    All of these sites have good points but are poles apart in visual aspects, the age demographic i suppose.

    So I have 5 top .com’s all the way through to the .tv extensions for each name, I have owned them for 4-5 yrs and am considering using a different name to market into a different demographics.
    I was hoping to find (hopefully) 1 or 2 themes for the whole lot and change colours etc for each site, its easier to run, less learning.
    But I’m not sure I can do this considering the range…



    I like Executive Pro for ease of customization and Outreach Pro could be modified into a great games or video site i think.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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