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    I understand there is a simple snip to add to function.php to “enable” html5 in a Genesis 2.0 child theme.

    Then what?

    I see a handful of plugins from Micro Manager to Schema Creator by Raven.

    Does enabling HTML5 in Genesis automatically render meta data into schema behind the curtain or does one still need to add a plugin to add schema info in the edit post window?



    Still struggling with this.

    How does one use either plugins above and NOT HAVE schema code display in the HTML? Currently in using both plugins the schema snippet is appearing at top of single post view and that looks like heck. I believe Raven as a check box for not to display css in html but even this does not seem to address issue.

    My experience with the Microdata plugin is that it is obtuse and a guessing game of what too put where with no real documentation or even explanations of the examples. Plus I can’t figure out where properties like events, persons, dates, events are entered properly

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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