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    Not a great description in the title, but this is what I had in mind:

    A. First the latest featured post with post image
    B. Then a list of 5 more posts in that same category, just the titles
    C. Finally a link to all the posts in that category.

    This can be done, but the ordering is A, C and B.
    How can I change that order? It’s more logical to have the link to all posts in that category at the bottom, instead of in the middle…



    Forget it… I made a stupid mistake by thinking I had to add an extra widget to get this ordering… :(


    I’m not clear on what you’re asking. You want:

    1. A featured post with it’s featured image. Not necessarily the latest post.
    2. The five most recent posts, which could feasibly contain the featured post.
    3. A link to all posts in that category.

    This should be possible with only one widget area? Just add multiple widgets to that area.

    You should only need two widgets:

    • One to display your featured post.
    • One to display 5 recent posts from a category and link to that category.

    I’d do this with Genesis Featured Widget Amplified: https://wordpress.org/plugins/genesis-featured-widget-amplified/

    The settings in this widget will allow you to do everything you’ve mentioned.


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    @webkompaan please provide a link to your website and also tell us what theme you are using.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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