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    HI, I’ve begun to experience out of memory errors with Agency 2.0 theme. I’ve increased my WP and PHP memory theme allocation to 256M for both and I’m still getting errors!

    The only thing I have added is bbPress and the genesis extend plugin that enables it to run, nothing else has changed for months & months – but it had been fine for a few weeks before I started getting these out of memory errors – now today it’s started showing just a blank page that I need to refresh until it shows me the dashboard.

    Any ideas?



    If you are using a pc, try running the defrag, and then run the disk cleanup on your computer. Then restart. If that does not help, call your internet service provider. Sometimes you just need a higher speed. This does not sound like a StudioPress genesis or theme problem. Even though you were fine before you started using the SP child theme, Agency, it is probably a coincidence. I have a number of websites, and I have StudioPress themes on every one of them. Sometimes I even have two or three open at once while I am working on similar changes for each. When my computer gives me a problem about it, I just close the browser, do what I told you above and then restart. I hope this helps. Sincerely, ShariLee

    ShariLee Beynon
    GoldaVere IMS



    Hi ShariLee thanks for the input but tI get these errors regardless of the computer I’m using. It’s online within WP.



    Typically, with a memory allocation error, the error will include the name/location of the PHP script that it’s failing on. Is it failing on a plugin, or on something in core?

    Depending on how much access to your error logs you have, you might need to consult with your web host to track down what’s really happening and fix it.



    Hi Summer – it’s failing on the following – and this is only with Genesis and Agency 2 active with bbPress:

    Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 74973184) (tried to allocate 79 bytes) in /home/xyz/xyz.com/wp-includes/functions.php on line 336

    On line 336 I have this: “return serialize( $data )”

    From lines 326 to 344 is this code in the functions.php includes file:

    * Serialize data, if needed.
    * @since 2.0.5
    * @param mixed $data Data that might be serialized.
    * @return mixed A scalar data
    function maybe_serialize( $data ) {
    if ( is_array( $data ) || is_object( $data ) )
    return serialize( $data );

    // Double serialization is required for backward compatibility.
    // See http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/12930
    if ( is_serialized( $data, false ) )
    return serialize( $data );

    return $data;

    Last night I disabled Genesis and Agency 2 and so far no more errors…that’s not what I was hoping to discover.

    Any help from Studiopress?



    Does the same error happen with Genesis and the Genesis sample theme?

    If so, you would have to submit a trouble ticket to get help from the StudioPress support team… they do not monitor the forums for issues nor provide customer support through them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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