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    Hi – I just purchased Genesis with the Outreach theme.  I have a little experience with WP and with other themes but this is my first attempt at using Genesis.

    I’ve created a home page, other pages, and a blog page.  I have tried to set up the Home #1 widget to display a featured page, but it appears to not do anything.  The footer widgets do indeed work just fine, so I speculate that I’m just getting the home page properly identified to Genesis or something.

    Can anyone suggest something to point me in the right direction toward solving this?  I would really appreciate it.


    – Tim



    A home.php file is already included in your child theme.

    It contains widgets for your home page.

    You don’t need to setup a static page for your home page.

    Simply select your front page displays your latest posts in your Settings > Reading and populate the home page widgets.

    If you don’t populate your home page widgets, it will display your latest posts.

    I suggest you then publish a new page using the blog template from the drop down menu under page attributes and add a custom link to your menu for your blog.

    You can then go to the Genesis > Theme Settings and configure your Content Archives and other settings.

    You might also find this tutorial useful http://my.studiopress.com/setup/outreach-theme/



    Thank you very much for taking time to answer my question.  I appreciate your help!

    Do all Genesis child themes work this way?  I’m not used to having the home page be be a posts page, but it’s fine with me so long as I know what to do.

    Again, thank you for your help!

    – Tim



    Hi Tim

    Most Genesis child themes include a widgetized home page that can be used 2 ways.

    No worries.

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