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    Jason Weber

    I am running on Catalyst w/ Dynamik child theme. I’m completely in the dark regarding what exactly is going on with Dynamik

    Regardless, I’d like to know a couple of things.

    • How much it would cost me if I already own Dynamik?
    • Where I’d need to go to purchase the Genesis framework?
    • Is it recommended that I do make the switch from Catalyst to Genesis?
    • Will there be a lot of complication in switching, or, since I already have the Dynamik child theme, will it be simple?

    Thanks for any guidance anybody can offer!

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 1 month ago by  Jason Weber. Reason: cleared up question


    Hi Jason,

    Unfortunately the version of Dynamik you own doesn’t work with Genesis – I’m not sure if Cobalt is planning to give you the Genesis version since they’re going all-Genesis now, or how that’s going to work, but you might want to check with them.

    You’ll need to purchase the Genesis framework, which is $60 for a lifetime developer license. You can do that here: http://my.studiopress.com/themes/genesis/

    Then if you want to purchase one of the StudioPress Genesis child themes, you can do that on this page: http://my.studiopress.com/themes/

    If you want to continue using Dynamik, I would purchase the Genesis version from Cobalt Apps (assuming they aren’t giving it to current Catalyst users). From what I can tell, having used only the Genesis version of Dynamik, it should be basically the same in use. However, you’ll have to rebuild your site since you’re switching to a completely different theme. It shouldn’t take long, though, since you’re used to the way Dynamik works already.

    I would definitely recommend the switch, both because Genesis is awesome and because support/updates for Catalyst will end in late 2014. However, I wouldn’t do it on your live site if you have traffic coming in; I would set up a subdomain with its own WordPress installation, get everything the way you want it, then export the child theme and/or Dynamik settings and import onto the live site.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to email me and I’d be glad to discuss in more detail.

    Andrea Whitmer, Owner/Developer, Nuts and Bolts Media
    I provide development and training services for designers • Find me on Twitter and Google+


    Jason Weber

    Thank you for the very detailed response, Andrea! It appears that they did supply us (Catalyst owners) with a Genesis-based version of Dynamik … although we were never notified or anything; but after contacting them, they instructed me where to get it and after logging in to Catalyst, downloaded it.

    But based on what you said, I think I should invest in this now and get things done and prepared for 2014. Thanks for your help!



    I want to install the new theme over custom build dynamic catalyst site (also Genesis platform) but preserve preexisting link structure and pluggins etc. How difficult is that ?
    I already own the genesis platform and the Genesis theme I want to install

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