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    Dear All.

    I’m using the Executive Theme, and for subsequent pages (not the home page), I’m trying to see if I can do the following:

    Is there’s a way I can use the Blog template on a page and have two categories with posts in each category not mixed chronologically?
    I tried setting up two query_args with each query_args pointing each cat to specific ID, but it seems to only take posts of the 1st one on the page.
    I also tried setting using one query_args and using cat with two values separated by comas but this mixes the posts of the two categories on the page.
    I’d like to see the post for the 1st category at the top of the page, and then all the posts for the 2nd category underneath on the same page.

    Also, I’m new so appologies if there’s already standard ways to do this.
    In case there’s a different way, design wise what I’m trying to do on these subsequent pages is the following:
    What I would really like for the page, is some way to use the Blog page with a specific category so I can have posts that apply to that page, but also have a static area at the top of the page where I can explain what the page is about.
    Maybe put a simple picture at the top of the page with a description and a couple of headlines.
    But, once I change the page template to Blog what ever static information I typed in that page doesn’t show up.
    So to try and overcome this I tried doing two post categories; one where I would only make one post and have it listed at the top to replace the missing static information. This custom field is assigned the query_args with the ID of the 1st category.
    A second category for the page where I would make multiple posts and have it listed on the page always after the 1st post category. There will be multiple posts for this category. This is why I tried doing two custom fields. But no luck.

    Am I missing something that’s not letting this work?
    Or is there a better way to do this?

    Please help.




    As you posted this a while back, I hope you were able to get your issue resolved. If not, please check back in here, and I will escalate for you.

    If it is resolved, please mark the thread “resolved”, and I will close it.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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