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    I’m using the Education theme 2.0 with WP 3.5

    When I go to EDIT a page or post, the page is blank. I know the content is there because I can view the page in my browser.

    Also, in the editing area, it is stuck on VISUAL. It will not allow me to switch to Text. I cannot access the screen options either.

    I have disabled every plugin I have and that did not fix it. I use the same plugins on over 40 other sites.

    I even switched themes to see if that corrected it and it did not.  Too much content involved to start over.

    Any suggestions?



    Please post a link to your website so we can take a look. Thank you.



    Replaced htaccess with a fresh one. No help

    Also, when I try to edit one of my forms and click save, it will not save the changes



    Also just found out I can’t access my widgets to edit them



    Check this out – Scroll down to Susan’s response to see if this will work for you.



    I had previously tried everything that Susan mentioned except clearing the cache on the server. That must have been the key. Here are the steps I took to fix it.

    Disabled all plugins and renamed plugin folder to plugins-XXXX
    Deleted all WordPress Version 3.5 files and folders EXCEPT for wp-content and wp-config.php
    Had my host (Servint) reboot my server
    I emptied my browser cache for the 100th time during the reboot
    After server came back up, I installed WP version 3.4.2 except for the file and folder that I did not delete
    Renamed plugins folder back to normal
    Activated plugins one at a time and checked for errors
    No errors were found, previous issue has been fixed
    Upgraded to WP version 3.5 again, and rechecked for errors
    All is good now

    Thank you to Anitac and also to Susan

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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