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    Hi guys
    I have purchased the NEWS child theme, installed it and imported the demo file but the whole thing is now a car crash that looks nothing like the demo, or our site beforehand…
    Hopefully it’s something obvious I have done wrong but please could anyone offer some salvation to my incapability?!

    The site is and I need to get it back to life within the next few hours at most.

    Thank you


    wp guy

    First, head into the widget area and see “what’s where.” You imported the demo content and set the menu to the demo pages. Make sure you choose the menu you want as the primary navigation.


    Thanks for the tip re: the menu. Still looks nothing like the demo that I’ve imported though? I don’t care if it looks identical, as I will be able to work from there with our own content… It just doesn’t!!


    wp guy

    Your menu and the demo look identical. Your site doesn’t look like the demo because you need to put what you want into the primary sidebar widget and put the featured posts widget into the correct widget areas so it matches the demo.

    Go into your widget area – this is your issue.


    Thanks again. I thought the demo.xml would import all of the demo posts etc and lay out the content as per the demo???
    is that not the case?


    wp guy

    Unfortunately no. Importing the demo content does not configure the site to look like the demo. It only imports the content. You have to go into your widgets arrange it to look like the demo.


    Andrea Rennick

    To set up the theme like the demo, the tutorials for this are here://

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    Thank you :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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