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    Hmm. Any reference to the “Politica” template we purchased a couple of years ago seems to have disappeared. Perhaps this is a general design question then.
    On this site:
    the three featured posts rotate, currently 3 secs each. I have been asked to tweak the code such that when you select something it stays put until you finish reading it. Any thoughts? If not, I guess I’ll just lengthen the viewing time.

    Much appreciated!!


    Your theme appears to use the WP-cycle plugin, also use in the Crystal theme. I have found that this is easily replaced by the Genesis Responsive Slider . This takes some slider configuration and also some CSS changes to preserve the look of your front page.

    The benefit of using Genesis Responsive Slider is that the user can pause the display by hovering the mouse or selecting a slide with cursor left/right. See it used in the Executive theme ( This screenshot is from the Executive theme setup (

    It will be easier to lengthen the viewing time as-is, but more flexible to use the slider.

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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