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    I was using a plugin called Background Manager with no issues and yesterday I got an error message saying that my PHP version is now lower. It’s 5.2.17. It should be 5.3.

    Does anyone know how this could happen?

    PHP version should be what your web hosting company installed on the server unless you are dedicated server (where you have install everything yourself). Check with your web hosting support.



    Thank you, Davinder.
    Most kind of you, again!



    I checked with host gator and they want to make sure I wish to change version of php.
    Are there any risks in doing this?

    Still not sure HOW this plugin worked yesterday and not today as the developer didn’t change anything.

    I just want something to allow me to have different backgrounds on my category posts.

    Could there be another option?
    Thanks again…….



    Hi there Davinder, It only works on posts, not categories.
    Unless I’m just missing something. I have tried it though. One would think there would be a fairly simple solution.



    My Quick Cache plugin now only uses 5.3 and my Godaddy PHP was set at 5.2. I just did a change to 5.3 and ran into a problem with getting a white screen when I clicked on certain things. I did a Google search and found this. I added #2 to my .htaccess file and everything is back to normal, the plugin is working fine. If you decide to switch versions, maybe this might help you or drop me a line if you have problems.




    Thank you kindly for this.
    I’m now trying to get a handle on how to edit files instead (for my category pages) but if this fails I’ll upgrade.

    Hope you and Family have a great holiday; you’ve helped a lot before :)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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