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    I am working on two different websites where some of the pictures are cutting off on the mobile them instead of shrinking as the others do.

    Also on the website where I am using Prose, those same pictures are cutting off on computer viewing as well.

    Is this just a matter of making the pictures smaller?  You can see the site in Prose here:

    and my main site using the Sample theme (only problem occurs in Mobile viewing) here:

    Thanks! I didn’t want to mess with my clients picture sizes unless I have to do so.


    David Chu

    In the Seed Site…. you do have the standard picture helper code, using max-width 100% on images. But in the photos that are cut off they have inline CSS that defines a certain width – too wide to fit in that small space, and defining width there also cancels the above max-width setting. Images aren’t necessarily given inline widths like that, so my first guess would be playing in the WP editor run amok. :-)

    Also, yes, the photos are just too big. This is a symptom of DIY-itis – the client wants to update their own content, and can, more or less, but doesn’t have the basic skills needed to edit a photo, nor do they even know that you shouldn’t take the photos directly from the camera without editing, because they’re unnecessarily huge. The only real solution to this: training. It is true that if the width settings on the photos are removed, the max-width will tend to make the pages look better, but having photos that are still too big will slow the site down quite a bit. And there is a photo editor in WP that works more or less OK, that could be tried.

    In any case, for a quick fix, taking width parameters off the photos should help some.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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