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    Do we still need to use a plugin like Ping Optimiser in order to prevent WordPress from pinging posts more than once?

    Genesis bills itself as excellent for SEO, does it handle this issue?

    If not, which plugin would be best to use with Genesis?

    Does the default setup really harm SEO and result in bans from directories?

    It seems like a serious issus to me. Why is there so little information about it?

    I really need some definitive answers.

    Thanks in advance.



    Ping backs are not going to significantly affect your SEO unless you are heavily loading links to multiple posts and generating a lot of interlinking ping backs. That could cause problems. We do not have anything in Genesis to address this and do not have anything written up about it because the scenario in which this can be a problem is more of a fringe case issue.



    Hi Nick (I should have known it would be you to reply – thanks! :))

    I’m talking about pinging ping services and directories such as those one can list in the Setting>Writing>Update Services dialog box. I think you’re talking about pingbacks – trackbacks in old money – between sites.

    The reason I asked is that I have a client in a maniacal frenzy having read something online dated about 1994! It’s not something I’ve ever encountered before…but then I’ve always been more on the art than geek side of things.


    Anyway, I have found all the answers I needed here:

    Please consider this case closed.

    All the very best and thanks for everything you do for the community.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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