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    If I place the following code at the bottom of the style css sheet, with the correct image? –   I want a permanent HEADLINE/COPY on top of the SLIDER?

    /*  Image Placement on top of Genesis Slider*/
    .homebar {
    background: url(“http://Mysite.png”) no-repeat scroll left bottom transparent;
    height: 81px;
    left: -1px;
    position: relative;
    top: -93px;
    width: 469px;



    Can you link to your site please.

    You can add the image using PHP or CSS.

    The PHP depends on the hook location and includes a conditional tag.

    You can also add a widget or HTML/Text area and include the conditional tag in the function or use the Widget Logic plugin.



    sorry…..       it’s live, still a work in progress.   I test on the test site then move the code to the live site.

    I want to put a permanent image on top of the slider…..  Call it a banner advertising me….   I would remove text that is attached to the slider.

    I’m OK with the CSS part of it and where to add it,  not sure how to code the PHP  and how to work with “hooks”


    Thanks, Roger




    Place the HTML for the image in the hook location using Genesis Simple Hooks.

    Use this code with Simple Hooks

    After nav menu might be the right location


    Create a widgte for that area using this tutorial

    Use the is_home conditional tag with the custom function



    I inserted the PHP code on the home PHP emplate from your code note from gihub.   Inserted the HTML as above and inserted the correct image language.   The site crashed, obviously I am putting it in the wrong place?


    “After Nav Menu”    , on the style sheet?  Or the Home PHP template?

    Sorry, Roger




    If its a custom function, the code goes in your child themes functions.php file. Not the home.php file

    If its wrapped in PHP tags, it goes in the Genesis Simple Hooks plugin field.

    Can you paste the code here please. Just the custom code because i don’t know which code you are using and which method.

    This code goes in the Genesis Simple Hooks field which you need to install first and add the HTML for your image.

    Insert your image into a new posts draft, centre it and grab the HTML which will go between the p tags of the code from gist.github



    I used firebug to find the code on

    I like the permanent placement of the image over the slider.  Not the search, the image  WASHINGTONS #1 BROKERAGE.  This is the code…
    .homebar {

        background: url(“”) no-repeat scroll left bottom transparent;
        height: 81px;
        left: -1px;
        position: relative;
        top: -93px;
        width: 469px;

    Thanks for your patience




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